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"Celia is a natural healer! When I met Celia a few years ago I had terrible posture, limited mobility in my hips, little flexibility and I often felt sluggish. Celia knows MFR. She was trained by the founder of MFR and she continually educates herself and also teaches other therapists.

My life is so much healthier having Celia work on me. When I first met Celia, I had been seeing a physical therapist for plantar fasciitis in my right foot. It was painful, I could hardly walk..., and it was a constant nuisance. My doctor said my next course of action would be injections to my foot. I didn't want to go that route and I found something better. I went to Celia and I was healed in 2 sessions. Since then I've been running and exercising with absolutely no problem. My posture is better, my digestive system is great, I never have headaches or neck pain. She can even fix issues like incontinence and she also helps relieve fascia tightness during pregnancy. I am 23 weeks pregnant and I go to Celia almost weekly. I have no pain in my back, sides or sciatica like others seem to complain about. Are you in pain or uncomfortable in your posture or have a chronic condition that Meds won't help? She is well worth it!"    -P.W.

"Celia is a true and gifted healer - gentle, warm, compassionate and wise - who creates a quiet, safe environment. Her professionalism, integrity and respectfulness are beyond reproach. She "knows" the body, combining a comprehensive knowledge of MFR technique with an intuitive application, tailored to your needs at the moment. I highly recommend Celia to help you help your body to correct itself."    L.L.

"I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all of the time and work with our daughter.  We were somewhat skeptical at first, however we were amazed in the improvement of our torticollis symptoms.  We had to work with Physical Therapists for  months with little improvement.  We were at the point of seeing a surgeon to consider surgery and tried MFR as a last resort...  I never would have believed it had I not seen it myself.   My daughter's torticollis improved with each visit.  I was impressed with  how well you worked with our daughter.  Your knowledge of the body and spirit, as well as your gentle touch and fun nature worked wonders.  Our daughter, who was seven months old at the time, was always so comfortable, and never even noticed that you were working with her.  Today, she is a typical toddler,and shows no symptoms.  We appreciate all you have done for our family."        - Laura M.

"As a doctorate student in Natural Health, I would recommend one to seek the help of Celia McDermott for assists in healing for the mind, body, and spirit."  - P. Smith

"I began weekly sessions with Celia after suffering terrible back pain with recurrent spasms.  Celia's MFR sessions worked wonders!  Within a few weeks, the spasms stopped, the pain diminished, and I was back at the gym able to work on strengthening the back and abdominals."  -Patti Z.

"I can't begin to thank you enough for helping my body heal and recover during the "tissue expansion" procedure I went through.  I had no idea what MFR was or if it would help even do anything since the majority of my body was numb from surgery.  However, little did I know!  I will never forget that moment: it felt like the muscles in my back just started unwinding...  the relief was so overwhelming...  not only that, but I didn't have to take any more pain meds!  And then you did it again after I did the 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk.  You truly have a gift for healing, and I can't thank you enough!"    -Becky I.

"Having known Celia for several years through our church, it was natural that I would seek her help when I started experiencing painful symptoms that several doctors could not diagnose.  Her "healing hands" worked wonders in alleviating the pain, and gave me an overall relieved feeling while working the mysterious ailment out of my system.  I would recommend her to all ages, no matter what the problem."-  Donnie Henriques, business owner and Mayor of Woodstock, GA

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